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Practical with a sound and straightforward pedagogical frameworkThis is the kind of book I was looking for! It has a brief but clear 4 pages theoretical underpinning and then the bulk of the book is to analyse different ways in which technology can enhance learning in the EFL classroom. Units are organized around an aspect or skill and an array of practical activities using technology are explained step-by-step.

by silviamvdeo

A must have! Language Learning with Technology is a must for those individuals who want to excel at teaching English as a Second Language in the United States or abroad.

by G. Rivera

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Most useful TEFL book I’ve bought in a long time. This book arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was like a small child with a new toy, I just couldn’t wait to try it out! It has saved me hours and hours of scouring the internet for free tools that I can use in the classroom…The suggested tasks are easy to adapt to different target groups (eg different levels, different ages, business students) and different learning objectives (eg IELTS prep). There is really something for everyone…Finally I would recommend this book for almost any teacher (any subject) who wants to use more technology in their curriculum. Nearly all the ideas can be tweaked for any subject.

by p_roux 

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! I have just read it cover to cover while travelling at the weekend, and I just want to start using all the ideas straight away! The examples are mainly relating to the teaching of English, but as a teacher of French and German, I can see that the ideas can be transferred to any other language…The author has taken care to describe the activities independently of specific software in the main body of the text (very useful examples are given in appendices)and has set up a website to complement the book…Thank you, Graham Stanley, for sharing ideas in this accessible way.

by Helen Blow

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