Language Learning with Technology is the accompanying website to the handbook for teachers of the same name. It is aimed at teachers interested in integrating technology
into their classroom practice. The book makes a point of putting pedagogy at the forefront of the lesson, which is why content has been organised around specific learning content goals rather than specific technologies.
Each chapter deals with a different aspect of language learning, and use of technology is suggested only when it adds significant value to the learning. With over 100 activities to choose from, the book can be used by the teacher, as a classroom resource, to supplement an existing language course.

The book is divided into 11 chapters (download pdf of table of contents) and each of these has a section on the website. In addition, the website has a special section on Teacher development. The sections are:-

  1. Integrating technology
  2. Building a learning community
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Grammar
  5. Listening
  6. Reading
  7. Writing
  8. Speaking
  9. Pronunciation
  10. Project work
  11. Assessment and evaluation
  12. Teacher development

The content of these sections (forthcoming) will include content mentioned in the book and stand-alone activities that can be used whether you have the book or not.

The book and website have been designed to be used by teachers who want to improve their own knowledge of how best to integrate a variety of learning technologies into their classroom practice. It has been written to appeal to language teachers who are both new and experienced. Teachers may have had years of practice in using technology with their learners, or be looking to take their first steps in using it with a class.

Whatever your teaching context, we hope you will find this handbook an invaluable classroom
guide to using learning technologies.